Inspired By…

Hey everyone,

I’m loving the super simple card techniques and hence dived into the latest Lawnscaping Challenge. The theme is to create a card after being inspired by a creation of another crafter or a random pic on the net or the now famous Pinterest.

So for my card, I was inspired by Laurel Beard and this simple yet classy card of hers….

I pulled out my newest Lawn Fawn stamps to create this card… I reeeeeally want to pick this comb thingy for myself with which to display my cards. Does anyone know what it’s called and where I could pick one up for myself?



6 thoughts on “Inspired By…

  1. Oh wow! I am totally honored! Thank you so much! Your card is fantastic! Out of this world! Love the crisp white against the black and the chevron strip is fantastic! This is awesome! That spike thingee I have my card resting on I picked up from Joanne’s or Michaels in the flower department. It is called a flower frog or something like that. It is to used to arrange flowers, but us card makers find it useful for sure! And best thing is it was 3 bucks! WOO HOO! Again, thank you so much for the honor and thanks for playing along in our inspired by challenge!! 🙂

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