Hello world!

Hi there,

Welcome to Diva Couture!

I am super excited to have my very own blog! It’s been a long time coming and I finally caved in. As the tag line states – “Creativity unleashed”, that is precisely what I plan to do on this blog.

Craft has been my dormant passion for as long as I can recall, and now all of a sudden it has erupted to the surface.

Through this medium, I would like to introduce you to my second child – Diva Couture. She’s my passion, obsession and creativity outlet. I have been very blessed to be able to channel my love into a profession with an average clientele, which is gradually building. Hence I figured this would be the apt platform to showcase the items designed and made by me.

On this blog I would also like to give a shout out to those who have inspired me in more ways than one and share their brilliance with you.  I will also showcase various craft supplies and companies that sell them, so you too can get hold of the some of the tools of the trade. So be prepared for links, pics and videos on the same.

Once in a while you will also be treated to my Two Pice wisdom wherein I offer you tips on the trade – basically the Dos and Don’ts as well as various DIYs all from personal experience and my rendezvous with the connoisseurs of their trade.

The plan so far is post pics of my creations every week or month – about 3 to 4 depending on how much I get done. I have categorized them into themes to make it more systematic.

Since the idea of this blog is to SHARE, I would love to hear your take and so I invite you to leave your comments whenever you decide to visit Diva Couture, but do bear in mind that it’s important to be nice. ;D

So without further adieu, let the show begin!